Canrosea's Cinnamon Cyclone

The Shetland Sheep Dog

Born 24 November 2016

Seen above at one week old with her two siblings and mother Rush
Cinnamon is the middle puppy

The father is GCH AM GCH CAN CH Laureate's Invincible -- "Vinnie"

Below Cinnamon is five weeks old


Cinnamon's Mother "Rush"


Coming Or Going ?


And How Shall I Dress?

No I Think I'll Stay Here


Cinnamon's First Videos

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I Wonder What This Is?


Can They Afford Me?


I Really Want To Know What These Are


At Least They Have Good Food


Cinnamon Arrives In Her New Home


Aaaaahhhh .... The Life At Home

Cinnamon's Photo & Video Album

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