Lady's Lament


Will you take me home?
I wait here forlorn.
In a cage of steel,
That's battered and worn.

I was rich before,
I had a soft bed,
Toys, collar and leash,
But now Mom is dead.

They dumped me in here.
It smells and it's cold.
I dream of a lap,
And arms that enfold.

I know lots of tricks!
I'm soft to the touch!
Soft stroking sure would
Please me oh so much!

I'd love to play ball,
If you would play too!
Or walks in the park,
They're more fun with two!

I dream of someone,
Someone of my own,
Who would pick me out,
And give me a home.

I've waited so long,
My hope's burning out.
Would you come sooner,
If I howl or shout?

I've waited so long!
Oh why won't you come?
I've been a good girl!
Oh, PLEASE take me HOME!


Copyright 1999 by Linda A. Ives. All rights reserved.

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