Peppermint Bear


A feisty wee scamp
That Peppermint Bear,
She barks in my ear
And yanks on my hair.

Intent on my work,
When under my chair,
Erupts the pesky
That Peppermint Bear!

Intruder Alert!
Her barks fill the air.
Whirling and leaping,
Brave Peppermint Bear!

I go to the door,
But no one is there.
I scared them away!
Says Peppermint Bear!

Who is the rascal
Who's stolen my chair?
But my brave watchdog,
Sly Peppermint Bear!

I put on her leash.
She steps out with flare.
Prancing so proudly,
That's Peppermint Bear.

A soft snowy coat
Has Peppermint Bear,
Big brown eyes that shine 
A true lady fair!

She checks on her sites,
Positions with care.
Got to cross the T
In Peppermint Bear.

The pesky I'd choose,
My life for to share,
That merry wee scamp
My Peppermint Bear.


Copyright 1999 by Linda A. Ives. All rights reserved.

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