Pesky Poem


Two laughing black eyes,
And a snoopy wet nose,
Long tickly red tongue,
Her merry grin glows.
I throw her her ball,
She pursues with zest
And comes flying back,
Crash lands on my chest!
Stalking my slippers,
She's after the bows.
Stop that you pesky.
My feet are in those!
She romps in the yard.
Sprays dirt in her wake,
Rolling in puddles.
Hops inside to shake!
It's mud, ears to tail,
Her ice white plumage.
From pillar to post,
Little doggy prints rage.
Little pesky pup,
A scolding is due.
Panting and wagging,
I couldn't, could you?
Glad pride on her face,
Pesky comes bounding.
Found us a great toy!
Alas! was my knitting!
Pick up an apple,
And, as if on cue,
A little paw nudges.
May I have some too?
Weary wee fuzzball
Climbs into my lap.
After this morning,
It's time for a nap.

My lap pesky sleeps
So soft and so warm.
I'll stroke and I'll hold
Her safe from all harm.

She washes my fingers
Each one, she insists
Lovingly slathered
From nail tips to wrists.

Pesky is hunting
She's hot on the trail
Faster and faster
She's chasing her tail.

Brave daring hunter
Is stalking big game.
Pounce, tear, and tussle,
Now teddy is lame.

Tail wound in a bow,
Her present to me
Is worn torn teddy
For a game or three!      

Learning a new trick
Fills pesky with glee.
I did it!  I'm smart!
Look at this!  Watch me!

When pesky prances 
With step proud and light,
She's gotten her teeth
Round mischief all right!

Bones must be hidden 
From people, you see,
Under a cushion
That's hidden neath me!

Chewing an ice cube
Or kissing my nose,
Pesky spreads laughter
Wherever she goes

Wriggling, licking,
Laughing and leaping
To you and your kin
A Happy Dance greeting!


Linda A. Ives. All rights reserved.


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