Pesky's Winter Day


Serene untouched snow,
Stills to sleep my yard.
Not a peep disturbs, 
This Christmas postcard.

Earthbound, yet barely,
Drifts downy snow dust.
It sinks like the sands 
In Time's hourglass must.

Nature's breath is held.
Mine puffs up like smoke,
When clamour errupts
And silence is broke.

Jangling tags clatter.
Nails clack 'gainst the floor.
"It snowed!" barks my imp,
"Please open that door!"

Plunging and kicking,
She charges with glee.
Round house and round yard,
There's so much to see.

Threatens the snowman
Who's frozen in dread.
"If you dare to move,
I'll bite off your head!"

Rumpling the blankets
That Nature has spread.
How often she's done
Just that to my bed!

Rapid loud barking
Says "Please let me in."
Ice balls crust her fur
She's soaked to her skin.

Panting and grinning
She's fixed things her way.
Duty accomplished,
Now comes time to play!

Angels raise peskys,
The clouds prove it's true.
Wrinkled by romping,
Playpens in the blue.

Covered by dogprints,
Torn up like my yard.
Joyous the revels,
As peskys play hard.

Earthward comes drifting
White fluff in the air,
Snowflakes?  I'll bet it's
Angelic dog hair!


Copyright 1999 by Linda A. Ives. All rights reserved.

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