That Pesky Dog


Pesky barks too much
And she barks too loud
At each little noise
You'd swear she's a crowd.

She warns of airplanes
Of strange cars and cats
The ring of the phone
and all rat-a-tats.

Spins like a cyclone
And makes my ears ring
Just one little dog
But in everything!

Sure her hair is soft
The ones yet unshed
The rest coat my floors
From bathroom to bed.

Of petting and treats
She claims her fair share
That's all she can mooch
With sweet pesky flair.

Whenever I might
Have something to eat
Please share it with me
She barks at my feet.

The smile of a waif
And pleading brown eyes
Have conned my last chip
This wolf in disguise.

She licks my bare feet
And laughs when I yelp
Then sneaky imp claims
Just trying to help.

She sleeps 'neath my feet
Trips me when I rise
And Always, each time
Looks up in surprise.

She barks and mooches
Drives me up the wall
Why do I complain?
I miss her that's all.

She's staying with friends
I sure feel her lack
Can't wait to get home
And say Give her back!

I'm sure they'll agree
She's been there too long
Although they'll deny
She's done something wrong.

They'll lie with a smile
She's been good as gold
Yet a quick check proves
It's MY dog I hold.

She's loud and she's brash
Drives me up the wall
And loyal and true
My buddy through all.


Linda A. Ives. All rights reserved.


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