Canrosea's Roscoe Rocket

The Shetland Sheep Dog

Born 16 July 2017

Seen above at six weeks old

Roscoe's Mother "Rush"


Roscoe's First Video

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Roscoe's Photo & Video Album

Roscoe Wrestles Cinnamon

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Cinnamon & Roscoe Took A Bath

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OK I won't bite this imposter
I think I'll hide in here
And why is Roscoe in my cage?
I'd better hide for a while
Eating and drinking are so tiring
This is more comfortable
Don't like the music but I can chew the books
It's my chew stick I tell you!
He'e not going to play with my toys

Rascal Roscoe Rocket's Dining Room

Before Dining After Dining


I'm Glad Winter Is Almost Over


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