The Life And Adventures Of Peppermint
The American Eskimo Dog


Peppermint Bear Ives
1995 April 3 - 2002 March 30

Peppermint's Photo Album


My First Day At Home
Pesky Bath!
This Is Once In A Lifetime Right?
OK OK Don't Push
I'll Attack Any Minute Now
No No No...
Just CPR...Really!
A Pesky Eskie's Life
I Don't Know WHAT They Put Around My Neck, But If I Just Lie Here And Never Move Again, I'm Sure They'll Take It Off
All Pesky Eskies Deserve A Cushy Life
Catch Me Later...I'm Busy
Whatever This Is...It's MINE!
We Don't Need No Pesky Mail!
I Sphinx I Am Queen Of This Bed
They Still Think I'm A Quadruped
Hiya Sweetie...
Wanna Go For A Walk?
I'm 30 Years Too Late To Be A Flower Child
Hey! Who Put This In My Mouth???
So I Ate One Sponge
Now I Have To Go To Obedience School
One Year Old!
Think I'll Be Well Behaved Next Year?





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Peppermint's Animated Adventures
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